Interview with King Johnson Show

  1. Introduce KJS

KJS is the abbreviation of King Johnson Show. This show is all about giving business ideas and entertainment. The show has segments like hello business DIY, quiz, riddles and jokes. The show also give you broad information on how to create your business and make it grow to become something big in the future. It is an online show on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

  • Who is the host on King Johnson Show?

The King Johnson Show is host by Mr James Johnson.

  • What is the purpose of King Johnson Show?

The main purpose of the show is to inspire the upcoming youth with business ideas, business tips and to also share a great moment with entertainment contents such as quizzes, engagement posts etc.

  • How many people knows about King Johnson Show?

We have about 20000 followers on Facebook as at now and it is still growing.

  • Do you have partners?

King Johnson Show’s partners are RBS, Rbscity and DoviApp.

  • Do you plan to add other segments any time soon?

The show is preparing other programs just to meet the needs of our followers and as soon as it is ready, we will start soon.

  • How well can this show have impact in other people’s life?

We are looking forward to impact other positively by boosting their business ambitions, make them comfortable in their uniqueness and a chances to succeed in their own way. We also want to bring people together as a family and to create great community just as the motto on King Johnson show.

  • What should we expect from King Johnson Show?

Expect more of  business ideas, entertainment and more of everything that will come soon.

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