The segments on King Johnson Show

The segments on KJS.

King Johnson Show is a show that focus mainly on providing people with good business ideas and entertainments. There are other interesting and amazing segments on the Show.

The segments

  • DIY
  • Hello Business
  • Entertainment
  • Daily motivational quotes
  • Hello King Johnson (See me for more details)
  • Day In Life of KJS
  • Flaming moments


DIY which means Do It Yourself. On this segment, you will have the opportunity to learn how things on your own your own. You can learn how to do simple and amazing crafts on your own at home, office or anywhere you find yourself. This is a very interesting segment you wouldn’t want to miss for anything.

    Hello Business

We also have the Hello Business. On this segment, you will be able to know more about business, how to establish your own business, make it grow and flourish. In other words, the segment is all about business advice and business ideas.


 Also, have our entertainment segment. On this segment, there will be quizzes, riddle and jokes for our followers to share their reactions or comments.

 With the quiz, there is always amazing prizes given to the first five followers who get the answers correct. This quiz or riddle comes off once in

       Daily motivational quotes

We give daily motivational quotes that will help and guide you to do more in every day of your life. We believe that if people are happy,there is a possibility of creating a great community.

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Flaming Moments

This is behind the scene. A short video of funny moment with King Johnson while he is about to be on set.

Day In The Life Of King Johnson

On this segment, King Johnson talks about himself and how he was able to come up with his other business.  He also gives advice on how to leave your life you want to become successful person as he is. You wouldn’t want to miss this very part of the Show. “Happy Fam

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