New Tourist Site To Be Built Soon

New tourist site to be built soon

Ghana is known in most countries for its numerous tourist sites and the amazing attractions.

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Museums and galleries generate vast economic benefits in areas such as jobs, tourism, inward investments and regeneration.

In France, Britain, India, Russia and other countries, the economic benefits are incalculable.

But they equally serve a crucial purpose, preserving several decades and centuries of history and culture.

The Pan African Heritage World group has set out to build a museum at Winneba in the Central region to tell the African story through the voices of those who matter.

The thirty million dollar project expected to be completed in 2022, would be more than just a museum.

Vice Chair of the Pan African Heritage World Museum, Maisie Howell says the museum will not only house artifacts and research materials, but will also have “a kingdom of African kings and the story of their kingdoms.”

“There will also be a herbal garden in the museum for relaxation and reflection as well as a space for artisans and creatives to exhibit their works,” she told’s Komla Adom.

President Akufo-Addo has already pledged support for the project, expected to be a center for all things African history.

With land already acquired – the group hopes to break ground in no time for work to begin.

Maisie Howell says the president would lead the horde of dignitaries who have endorsed the project, to symbolically mark the beginning of the historic venture.

Beyond hosting treasured artifacts and monuments – the museum would also celebrate the African past.

But how does the non-governmental organization hope to raise funds for the project?

“By 2022, we hope the project would be completed. The board has brought together an eminent team of academic professionals in all the disciplines that we need to bring this story together,” Maisie noted.

A brainchild of the founder of the African University College of communications (AUCC), Kojo Yankah, in twenty four months, the project would be a picturesque view along the Pomadze hills.

The four-floor edifice would be a major attraction while also serving the important role of projecting the African story, by Africans, through African voices!

“We are encouraging organizations, individuals and everybody to come on board and support this project.”

Source: GhanaWeb

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