Women In Liberia’s Traditional Music

There can be no argument on women’s contribution to traditional native music in Liberia without the mention of the Liberia National Cultural troupe, since its establishment in the 1960’s the troupe has been a microcosm of Liberian national cultural inheritance.

It recruited young talents from every part of the nation through its latent hunt expeditions to be groomed for services to the nation.

There is not a single woman traditional artist who has gone through the gates of Kendeja (home of the Liberian National Cultural Kendeja) that had not benefited from the awareness of this culture venture.

This Troupe has given birth to the very best of traditional music icons in the West African Nation. Nimba Burr, Princess Fatu Gayflor, Marie Nyenabo and Ambassador Julie Endee are some of the names and faces that subject the talent shows, state events and most importantly the airwaves. Read more on… newsghana